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DetailsLeveraging the rice genome sequence for monocot comparative and translational
2007Theor Appl Genet
DetailsIsolation of Megabase-Size Dna From Sorghum and Applications For Physical
Mapping and Bacterial and Yeast Artificial Chromosome Library Construction
1995Plant Mol Biol Rep 13(1): 82-94
DetailsIntegration of two tomato RFLP maps using a common mapping population1993Report of the Tomato Genetics Coo
DetailsIntegration of Cot Analysis, DNA Cloning, and High-Throughput Sequencing
Facilitates Genome Characterization and Gene Discovery
2002Genome Res 12: 795-807
DetailsIntegrated Syntenic and Phylogenomic Analyses Reveal an Ancient Genome
Duplication in Monocots
2014The Plant Cell Preview, www.aspb.org
DetailsInsights from the comparison of plant genome sequences2010Annual Review of Plant Biology (in press)
DetailsInheritance of Grain Dormancy in White-Kernelled Wheat1990Crop Sci 30(1): 25-30
DetailsIn-Depth View of Structure, Activity, and Evolution of Rice Chromosome 102003Science 300: 1566-1569
DetailsIdentification of putative candidate genes for red rot resistance in sugarcane
(Saccharum species hybrid) using LD-based association mapping
2016Mol Genet Genomics
DetailsIdentification of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L) RAPD markers diagnostic of
root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne arenaria (Neal) Chitwood) resistance
1996Molecular Breeding 2(4): 369-379
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