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DetailsA Rapid and Direct Approach to Identify Promoters That Confer High Levels of
Gene Expression in Monocots
2003Crop Sci 43: 1805-1813
DetailsAn EST survey of the sugarcane transcriptome2003Theor Appl Genet 108:851-863
DetailsStructure and evolution of cereal genomes2003Curr Opin Genet Dev 13:644-650
DetailsA High-Density Genetic Recombination Map of Sequence-Tagged Sites for Sorghum,
as a Framework for Comparative Structural and Evolutionary Genomics of Tropical
Grains and Grasses
2003Genetics 165: 367-386
DetailsIn-Depth View of Structure, Activity, and Evolution of Rice Chromosome 102003Science 300: 1566-1569
DetailsGene actions of QTLs affecting several agronomic traits resolved in a
recombinant inbred rice population and two testcross populations
2003Theor Appl Genet 107: 89-101
DetailsSegmental allotetraploidy and allelic interactions in buffelgrass (Pennisetum
ciliare (L.) Link syn. Cenchrus ciliaris L.) as revealed by genome mapping
2003Genome 46: 304-313
DetailsConvergent evolution of perenniality in rice and sorghum2003PNAS 100(7): 4050-4054
DetailsRate Variation Among Nuclear Genes and the Age of Polyploidy in Gossypium2003Mol Biol Evol 20(4): 633-643
DetailsQTL analysis of genotype 2003Theor Appl Genet 106: 384-396
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