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DetailsAn SNP Resource for Rice Genetics and Breeding Based on Subspecies Indica and
Japonica Genome Alignments
2004Genome Research 14:1812-1819
DetailsComparative genomics of Gossypium and Arabidopsis: Unraveling the consequences
of both ancient and recent polyploidy
2005Genome Research 15:1198-1210
DetailsThe repetitive landscape of the chicken genome2005Genome Research 15:126-136
DetailsGrains of knowledge: Genomics of model cereals2005Genome Research 15:1643-1650
DetailsComparative inference of illegitimate recombination between rice and sorghum
duplicated genes produced by polyploidization
2009Genome Research 19:1026-1032
DetailsComparative analysis of Gossypium and Vitis genomes indicates genome duplication
specific to the Gossypium lineage
2011Genomics 97 (2011) 313-320
DetailsEvolutionary fate of rhizome-specific genes in a non-rhizomatous Sorghum
2009Heredity (2009) 102, 266-273
DetailsGene loss and silencing in Tragopogon miscellus(Asteraceae): comparison of
natural and synthetic allotetraploids
2009Heredity (2009), 1-9
DetailsGene copy number evolution during tetraploid cotton radiation2010Heredity (2010), 1-10
DetailsIdentification of a RAPD marker linked to a male fertility restoration gene in
cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
1999J Agric Genomics 4
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