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DetailsComparative Population Genetics of the Panicoid Grasses: Sequence Polymorphism,
Linkage Disequilibrium and Selection in a Diverse Sample of Sorghum bicolor
2004Genetics 167: 471-483
DetailsAn SNP Resource for Rice Genetics and Breeding Based on Subspecies Indica and
Japonica Genome Alignments
2004Genome Research 14:1812-1819
DetailsConstruction of a comparative RFLP map of Echinochloa crus-galli toward QTL
analysis of flooding tolerance
2004Theor Appl Genet 108:993-1001
DetailsGenetic dissection of cotton physiological responses to arid conditions and
their inter-relationships with productivity
2004Plant, Cell and Environment 27: 2
DetailsComparative genome analysis of monocots and dicots, toward characterization of
angiosperm diversity
2004Cur Opin Biotech 15: 120-125
DetailsEST derived PCR-based markers for functional gene homologues in cotton2004Genome 47: 449-462
DetailsA comparative phylogenetic approach for dating whole genome duplication events2004Bioinformatics 20(2): 180-185
DetailsA 3347-Locus Genetic Recombination Map of Sequence-Tagged Sites Reveals Features
of Genome Organization, Transmission and Evolution of Cotton (Gossypium)
2004Genetics 166: 389-417
DetailsHigh-Density Linkage Mapping Revealed Suppression of Recombination at the Sex
Determination Locus in Papaya
2004Genetics 166: 419-436
DetailsA primitive Y chromosome in papaya marks incipient sex chromosome evolution2004Nature 427: 348-352
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