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DetailsThe molecular basis of C-4 photosynthesis in sorghum: isolation,
characterization and RFLP mapping of mesophyll- and bundle-sheath-specific cDNAs
obtained by differential screening
1998Plant Mol Biol 37 (2): 319-335
DetailsFunctional dissection of drought-responsive gene expression
patterns in Cynodon dactylon L.
2009Plant Mol Biol (2009) 70:1-16
DetailsPreparation of Megabase-Size DNA From Plant Nuclei1995Plant J 7: 175-184
DetailsAn Improved Method of Plant Megabase DNA Isolation in Agarose Microbeads
Suitable For Physical Mapping and Yac Cloning
1993Plant J 4(5): 893-898
DetailsComparative genomics of plant chromosomes2000Plant Cell 12(9): 1523-1539
DetailsSugarcane Improvement Through Breeding and Biotechnology2006Plant Breeding Reviews, vol. 27
DetailsComparative gene mapping in crop improvement1996Plant Breeding Reviews
DetailsCharacterization of tissue tolerance to iron by molecular markers in different
lines of rice
1998Plant and Soil 203(2): 217-226
DetailsMetabolite and mineral analyses of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with
QTLs for productivity and drought-related traits
2011Physiologia Plantarum 141: 265-275. 2011
DetailsIdentification of Molecular Markers Linked to Leaf Curl Virus Disease Resistance
in Cotton
1999Pakistan J Bio Sci 2(1): 124-126
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