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DetailsGenetic diversity analysis of maintainer and restorer accessions in upland
cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
2011J. Plant Biochem. Biotechnol. (Jan-June 2011) 20(1):20-28
DetailsComparative analysis of Gossypium and Vitis genomes indicates genome duplication
specific to the Gossypium lineage
2011Genomics 97 (2011) 313-320
DetailsPaleo-Green Revolution for rice2011PNAS Early Edition
DetailsMicro-collinearity and genome evolution in the vicinity of an ethylene receptor
gene of cultivated diploid and allotetraploid coffee species (Coffea)
2011The Plant Journal (2011) 67, 305-317
DetailsComparative analysis of peanut NBS-LRR gene clusters suggests evolutionary
innovation among duplicated domains and erosion of gene microsynteny
2011New Phytologist (2011) 192: 164-178
DetailsA physical map of Brassica oleracea shows complexity of chromosomal changes
following recursive paleopolyploidizations
2011BMC Genomics 2011, 12:470
DetailsMCScanX: a toolkit for detection and evolutionary analysis of gene synteny and
2012Nucleic Acids Research, 2012, 114
DetailsMapping and Validation of Fiber Strength Quantitative Trait Loci on Chromosome
24 in Upland Cotton
2012Crop Sci. 52:11151122 (2012)
DetailsRepeated polyploidization of Gossypium genomes and the evolution of spinnable
cotton fibres
2012Nature | Vol 492 | 20/27 December 2012
DetailsPGDD: a database of gene and genome duplication in plants2013Nucleic Acids Research, 2013, Vol. 41, Database issue
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