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DetailsAn efficient method for extraction of cotton genomic DNA suitable for RFLP or
PCR-based analysis
1993Plant Mol Biol Rep 11: 122-127
DetailsAn efficient and simple method for isolation of intact megabase-sized DNA from
1994Plant Mol Biol Rep 12: 126-131
DetailsA Sorghum propinquum BAC library, suitable for cloning genes associated with
loss-of-function mutations during crop domestication
1999Molecular Breeding 5(6): 511-520
DetailsA Rapid Method for Extraction of Cotton (Gossypium spp.) Genomic DNA Suitable
for RFLP or PCR Analysis
1993Plant Molecular Biology Reporter
DetailsA Rapid and Direct Approach to Identify Promoters That Confer High Levels of
Gene Expression in Monocots
2003Crop Sci 43: 1805-1813
DetailsA primitive Y chromosome in papaya marks incipient sex chromosome evolution2004Nature 427: 348-352
DetailsA physical map of the papaya genome with integrated genetic map
and genome sequence
2009BMC Genomics 2009, 10:371
DetailsA physical map of Brassica oleracea shows complexity of chromosomal changes
following recursive paleopolyploidizations
2011BMC Genomics 2011, 12:470
DetailsA High-Density Genetic Recombination Map of Sequence-Tagged Sites for Sorghum,
as a Framework for Comparative Structural and Evolutionary Genomics of Tropical
Grains and Grasses
2003Genetics 165: 367-386
DetailsA Detailed RFLP Map of Sorghum-Bicolor X S-Propinquum, Suitable For High-Density
Mapping, Suggests Ancestral Duplication of Sorghum Chromosomes or Chromosomal
1994Theor Appl Genet 87(8): 925-933
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