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DetailsThe Distribution of Gossypium-Hirsutum Chromatin in Gossypium- Barbadense Germ
Plasm - Molecular Analysis of Introgressive Plant-Breeding
1995Theor Appl Genet 91: 1153-1161
DetailsPreparation of Megabase-Size DNA From Plant Nuclei1995Plant J 7: 175-184
DetailsMolecular Dissection of Quantitative Traits - Progress and Prospects1995Genome Res 5: 321-333
DetailsIsolation of Megabase-Size Dna From Sorghum and Applications For Physical
Mapping and Bacterial and Yeast Artificial Chromosome Library Construction
1995Plant Mol Biol Rep 13(1): 82-94
DetailsConvergent Domestication of Cereal Crops By Independent Mutations At
Corresponding Genetic-Loci
1995Science 269(5231): 1714-1718
DetailsComparative-Analysis of QTLs Affecting Plant Height and Maturity Across the
Poaceae, in Reference to an Interspecific Sorghum Population
1995Genetics 141(1): 391-411
DetailsCloning and characterization of the majority of repetitive DNA in cotton
(Gossypium L)
1995Genome 38(6): 1177-1188
DetailsQtl Mapping of Naturally-Occurring Variation in Flowering Time of
1994Mol Gen Genet 245(5): 548-555
DetailsProspects for using DNA pooling strategies to tag QTLs with DNA markers1994Theor Appl Genet 88: 355-361
DetailsConstruction and Characterization of a Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Library
of Sorghum-Bicolor
1994Nucleic Acids Res 22(23): 4922-49
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