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DetailsComparative analysis of QTLs affecting plant height and flowering among
closely-related diploid and polyploid genomes
2002Genome 45: 794-803
DetailsComparative analysis of peanut NBS-LRR gene clusters suggests evolutionary
innovation among duplicated domains and erosion of gene microsynteny
2011New Phytologist (2011) 192: 164-178
DetailsComparative analysis of Gossypium and Vitis genomes indicates genome duplication
specific to the Gossypium lineage
2011Genomics 97 (2011) 313-320
DetailsCloning and characterization of the majority of repetitive DNA in cotton
(Gossypium L)
1995Genome 38(6): 1177-1188
DetailsChromosomal location and gene paucity of the male speciWc region on papaya Y
2007Mol Genet Genomics (2007) 278:177
DetailsChromosomal location and gene paucity of the male specific region on papaya Y
2007Mol Genet Genomics: 1 March 2007
DetailsCharacterization of tissue tolerance to iron by molecular markers in different
lines of rice
1998Plant and Soil 203(2): 217-226
DetailsCharacterization of RFLP probe sequences for gene discovery and SSR development
in Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench
2002Theor Appl Genet 105: 912-920
DetailsCharacterization of 14 different putative protein kinase cDNA clones of the C-4
plant Sorghum bicolor
1998Mol Gen Genet 259(1): 115-122
DetailsCarbon isotope ratio in cotton varies with growth stage and plant organ1999Plant Sci 142(1): 47-56
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