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DetailsGenome-wide high-resolution mapping by recurrent intermating using Arabidopsis
thaliana as a model
1996Genetics 142(1): 247-258
DetailsComparative-Analysis of QTLs Affecting Plant Height and Maturity Across the
Poaceae, in Reference to an Interspecific Sorghum Population
1995Genetics 141(1): 391-411
DetailsA Detailed RFLP Map of Cotton, Gossypium-Hirsutum X Gossypium Barbadense -
Chromosome Organization and Evolution in a Disomic Polyploid Genome
1994Genetics 138(3): 829-847
DetailsComparative mapping of Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica oleracea chromosomes
reveals islands of conserved gene order.
1994Genetics 138(2): 499-510
DetailsHigh-Density Molecular Linkage Maps of the Tomato and Potato Genomes1992Genetics 132(4): 1141-1160
DetailsMendelian Factors Underlying Quantitative Traits in Tomato - Comparison Across
Species, Generations, and Environments
1991Genetics 127(1): 181-197
DetailsFine Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci Using Selected Overlapping Recombinant
Chromosomes, in an Interspecies Cross of Tomato
1990Genetics 124(3): 735-742
DetailsMultilocus interactions restrict gene introgression in interspecific populations
of polyploid Gossypium (cotton)
2000Evolution 54(3): 798-814
DetailsSpike-Based and Seed-Based Selection For Preharvest Sprouting Resistance in
1990Euphytica 46: 149-155
DetailsRFLP facilitated analysis of tiller and leaf angles in rice (Oryza sativa L.)1999Euphytica 109(2): 79-84
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