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DetailsPlant-pathogen microevolution: Molecular basis for the origin of a fungal
disease in maize
1998PNAS 95(4): 1686-1691
DetailsPolyploid formation created unique avenues for response to selection in
Gossypium (cotton)
1998PNAS 95: 4419-4424
DetailsPaleo-Green Revolution for rice2011PNAS Early Edition
DetailsSeed shattering in a wild sorghum is conferred by a locus unrelated to
2013PNAS Early Edition
DetailsComparative Crop Genome Analysis: Accelerated Conversion of Tropical Sorghums,
and Other Opportunities
1999Proc Corn and Sorghum Res Conf 8
DetailsIntegration of two tomato RFLP maps using a common mapping population1993Report of the Tomato Genetics Coo
DetailsConvergent Domestication of Cereal Crops By Independent Mutations At
Corresponding Genetic-Loci
1995Science 269(5231): 1714-1718
DetailsIn-Depth View of Structure, Activity, and Evolution of Rice Chromosome 102003Science 300: 1566-1569
DetailsSynteny and Collinearity in Plant Genomes2008Science 320, 486 (2008)
DetailsRFLP mapping and race specificity of bacterial blight resistance genes (QTLs) in
1998Science in China 41(5): 542-547
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