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DetailsOverdominant epistatic loci are the primary genetic basis of inbreeding
depression and heterosis in rice. II. Grain yield components
2001Genetics 158(4): 1755-1771
DetailsPaleo-Green Revolution for rice2011PNAS Early Edition
DetailsPatterns of tandem repetition in plant whole genome assemblies2009Mol Genet Genomics (2009) 281:579
DetailsPCR Amplification From Single Seeds, Facilitating DNA Marker - Assisted Breeding1993Nucleic Acids Res 21(10): 2527
DetailsPGDD: a database of gene and genome duplication in plants2013Nucleic Acids Research, 2013, Vol. 41, Database issue
DetailsPhotosynthesis of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with QTLs for
productivity and drought related traits
2009Plant Science 177 (2009) 88-96
DetailsPlant-pathogen microevolution: Molecular basis for the origin of a fungal
disease in maize
1998PNAS 95(4): 1686-1691
DetailsPolymorphism and concerted evolution in a tandemly repeated gene family: 5S
ribosomal DNA in diploid and allopolyploid cottons
1996J Mol Evol 42: 685-705
DetailsPolyploid formation created unique avenues for response to selection in
Gossypium (cotton)
1998PNAS 95: 4419-4424
DetailsPreparation of Megabase-Size DNA From Plant Nuclei1995Plant J 7: 175-184
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