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DetailsPolyploid formation created unique avenues for response to selection in
Gossypium (cotton)
1998PNAS 95: 4419-4424
DetailsPlant-pathogen microevolution: Molecular basis for the origin of a fungal
disease in maize
1998PNAS 95(4): 1686-1691
DetailsMacromolecular organization and genetic mapping of a rapidly evolving
chromosome-specific tandem repeat family (B77) in cotton (Gossypium)
1998Plant Mol Biol 38(6): 1031-1042
DetailsGenetic dissection of the source-sink relationship affecting fecundity and yield
in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
1998Molecular Breeding 4(5): 419-426
DetailsEvolution of interspersed repetitive elements in Gossypium (Malvaceae)1998Am. J. Botany 85(10): 1364-1368
DetailsD-subgenome bias of Xcm resistance genes in tetraploid Gossypium (Cotton)
suggests that polyploid formation has created novel avenues for evolution
1998Genetics 149(4): 1987-1996
DetailsDispersed repetitive DNA has spread to new genomes since polyploid formation in
1998Genome Res 8(5): 479-492
DetailsDetailed alignment of Saccharum and Sorghum chromosomes: Comparative
organization of closely related diploid and polyploid genomes
1998Genetics 150(4): 1663-1682
DetailsComparison of RAPD marker patterns to morphological and physiological data in
the classification of Opuntia accessions
1998Journal of the Professional Assoc
DetailsCharacterization of tissue tolerance to iron by molecular markers in different
lines of rice
1998Plant and Soil 203(2): 217-226
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