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DetailsAn EST-enriched comparative map of Brassica oleracea and Arabidopsis thaliana2000Genome Res 10(6): 776-788
DetailsBrassica genomics - a complement to, and early beneficiary of, the Arabidopsis
2001Genome Biol 2(3): reviews 1011.1-
DetailsEST derived PCR-based markers for functional gene homologues in cotton2004Genome 47: 449-462
DetailsSegmental allotetraploidy and allelic interactions in buffelgrass (Pennisetum
ciliare (L.) Link syn. Cenchrus ciliaris L.) as revealed by genome mapping
2003Genome 46: 304-313
DetailsComparative analysis of QTLs affecting plant height and flowering among
closely-related diploid and polyploid genomes
2002Genome 45: 794-803
DetailsComparative genetic mapping of allotetraploid cotton and its diploid progenitors1999Genome 42(2): 184-203
DetailsCloning and characterization of the majority of repetitive DNA in cotton
(Gossypium L)
1995Genome 38(6): 1177-1188
DetailsExtensive Concerted Evolution of Rice Paralogs and the Road to Regaining
2007Genetics 177: 1753-1763
DetailsComparative Population Genetics of the Panicoid Grasses: Sequence Polymorphism,
Linkage Disequilibrium and Selection in a Diverse Sample of Sorghum bicolor
2004Genetics 167: 471-483
DetailsHigh-Density Linkage Mapping Revealed Suppression of Recombination at the Sex
Determination Locus in Papaya
2004Genetics 166: 419-436
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