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DetailsComparative genomics of plant chromosomes2000Plant Cell 12(9): 1523-1539
DetailsAn Improved Method of Plant Megabase DNA Isolation in Agarose Microbeads
Suitable For Physical Mapping and Yac Cloning
1993Plant J 4(5): 893-898
DetailsPreparation of Megabase-Size DNA From Plant Nuclei1995Plant J 7: 175-184
DetailsFunctional dissection of drought-responsive gene expression
patterns in Cynodon dactylon L.
2009Plant Mol Biol (2009) 70:1-16
DetailsThe molecular basis of C-4 photosynthesis in sorghum: isolation,
characterization and RFLP mapping of mesophyll- and bundle-sheath-specific cDNAs
obtained by differential screening
1998Plant Mol Biol 37 (2): 319-335
DetailsMacromolecular organization and genetic mapping of a rapidly evolving
chromosome-specific tandem repeat family (B77) in cotton (Gossypium)
1998Plant Mol Biol 38(6): 1031-1042
DetailsAn efficient method for extraction of cotton genomic DNA suitable for RFLP or
PCR-based analysis
1993Plant Mol Biol Rep 11: 122-127
DetailsAn efficient and simple method for isolation of intact megabase-sized DNA from
1994Plant Mol Biol Rep 12: 126-131
DetailsIsolation of Megabase-Size Dna From Sorghum and Applications For Physical
Mapping and Bacterial and Yeast Artificial Chromosome Library Construction
1995Plant Mol Biol Rep 13(1): 82-94
DetailsA Rapid Method for Extraction of Cotton (Gossypium spp.) Genomic DNA Suitable
for RFLP or PCR Analysis
1993Plant Molecular Biology Reporter
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