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DetailsPCR Amplification From Single Seeds, Facilitating DNA Marker - Assisted Breeding1993Nucleic Acids Res 21(10): 2527
DetailsConstruction and Characterization of a Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Library
of Sorghum-Bicolor
1994Nucleic Acids Res 22(23): 4922-49
DetailsLocus-specific contig assembly in highly-duplicated genomes, using the BAC-RF
2000Nucleic Acids Res 28(7): 23
DetailsMCScanX: a toolkit for detection and evolutionary analysis of gene synteny and
2012Nucleic Acids Research, 2012, 114
DetailsPGDD: a database of gene and genome duplication in plants2013Nucleic Acids Research, 2013, Vol. 41, Database issue
DetailsIdentification of Molecular Markers Linked to Leaf Curl Virus Disease Resistance
in Cotton
1999Pakistan J Bio Sci 2(1): 124-126
DetailsMetabolite and mineral analyses of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with
QTLs for productivity and drought-related traits
2011Physiologia Plantarum 141: 265-275. 2011
DetailsCharacterization of tissue tolerance to iron by molecular markers in different
lines of rice
1998Plant and Soil 203(2): 217-226
DetailsComparative gene mapping in crop improvement1996Plant Breeding Reviews
DetailsSugarcane Improvement Through Breeding and Biotechnology2006Plant Breeding Reviews, vol. 27
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