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DetailsResolution of Quantitative Traits Into Mendelian Factors By Using a Complete
Linkage Map of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms
1988Nature 335: 721-726
DetailsUnravelling angiosperm genome evolution by phylogenetic analysis of chromosomal
duplication events
2003Nature 422: 433-438
DetailsA primitive Y chromosome in papaya marks incipient sex chromosome evolution2004Nature 427: 348-352
DetailsThe Sorghum bicolor genome and the diversification of grasses2009NATURE Vol 457
DetailsRepeated polyploidization of Gossypium genomes and the evolution of spinnable
cotton fibres
2012Nature | Vol 492 | 20/27 December 2012
DetailsUse of RFLP markers for identification of individuals homozygous for resistance
to Meloidogyne arenaria in peanut
2000Nematology 2(5): 575-580
DetailsWhat has QTL mapping taught us about plant domestication2002New Phytol 154: 591-608
DetailsComparative analysis of peanut NBS-LRR gene clusters suggests evolutionary
innovation among duplicated domains and erosion of gene microsynteny
2011New Phytologist (2011) 192: 164-178
DetailsGene body methylation shows distinct patterns associated with different gene
origins and duplication modes and has a heterogeneous relationship with gene
expression in Oryza sativa (rice)
2013New Phytologist (2013)
DetailsAncient duplication of cereal genomes2005New Phytologist 165:658-661
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