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DetailsWhat has QTL mapping taught us about plant domestication2002New Phytol 154: 591-608
DetailsVariation in Peroxidase Isozymes During Grain Maturation in Wheat Genotypes
Near-Isogenic For Grain Dormancy Factors
1990Cereal Res Commun 18: 209-215
DetailsUse of RFLP markers for identification of individuals homozygous for resistance
to Meloidogyne arenaria in peanut
2000Nematology 2(5): 575-580
DetailsUnravelling angiosperm genome evolution by phylogenetic analysis of chromosomal
duplication events
2003Nature 422: 433-438
DetailsTransmission genetics of chromatin from a synthetic amphidiploid to cultivated
peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.): Broadening the gene pool of a monophyletic
polyploid species
2001Genetics 159: 823-837
DetailsToward integration of comparative genetic, physical, diversity, and
cytomolecular maps for grasses and grains, using the sorghum genome as a
2001Plant Physiol 125: 1325-1341
DetailsToward a unified genetic map of higher plants, transcending the monocot-dicot
1996Nat Genet 14(4): 380-2
DetailsToward a cactus genome project1996Journal of the Professional Assoc
DetailsThe Weediness of Wild Plants - Molecular Analysis of Genes Influencing Dispersal
and Persistence of Johnsongrass, Sorghum- Halepense (L.) Pers.
1995PNAS 92(13): 6127-6131
DetailsThe Sorghum bicolor genome and the diversification of grasses2009NATURE Vol 457
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