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TitleThe molecular basis of C-4 photosynthesis in sorghum: isolation, characterization and RFLP mapping of mesophyll- and bundle-sheath-specific cDNAs obtained by differential screening
Authors Wyrich, R.; Dressen, U.; Brockmann, S.; Streubel, M.; Chang, C.; Qiang, D.; Paterson, A. H.; Westhoff, P.
PublicationPlant Mol Biol 37 (2): 319-335
AbstractC-4 photosynthesis depends upon the strict compartmentalization of the CO2-assimilatory enzymes of the C-4 and Calvin cycle in two different cell types, mesophyll and bundle-sheath cells. A differential accumulation is also observed for enzymes of other metabolic pathways, and mesophyll and bundle-sheath chloroplasts of NADP-malic enzyme type C-4 plants differ even in their photosynthetic electron transport chains. A large number of studies indicate that this division of labour between mesophyll and bundle-sheath cells is the result of differential gene expression. To investigate the extent of this differential gene expression and thus gain insight into the genetic basis of C-4 photosynthesis, genes that are differentially expressed in the mesophyll and bundle-sheath cells were catalogued in the NADP-malic enzyme type C-4 grass Sorghum bicolor. A total of 58 cDNAs were isolated by differential screening. Using a tenfold difference in transcript abundance between mesophyll and bundle-sheath cells as a criterion, 25 cDNAs were confirmed to encode mesophyll-specific gene sequences and 8 were found to encode bundle-sheath-specific sequences. Eight mesophyll- specific cDNAs showed no significant similarities within GenBank and may therefore represent candidates for the elucidation of hitherto unknown functions in the differentiation of mesophyll and bundle-sheath cells. The chromosomal location of 50 isolated cDNAs was determined by RFLP mapping using an interspecific sorghum cross.

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