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TitleSequence heterogeneity of the envelope-like domain in cultivated
allotetraploid Gossypium species and their diploid progenitors
AuthorsE. E. Hafez, A. A. Abdel Ghany, A. H. Paterson, E. A. Zaki
PublicationJ Appl Genet 50(1) 2009
AbstractRetroviral envelope (env)-like sequences in 2 cultivated allotetraploid cottons and their diploid progenitors
have been identified and characterized in this study. DNA sequence analysis reveals that these sequences
are heterogeneous. The observed sequence diversity, however, seems to preserve coding information.
This is evidenced by the detection of the transmembrane domain (TM), which is the most conserved feature of
the divergent retroviral env genes. The high ratio of synonymous to nonsynonymous changes suggests that these
sequences are evolving under purifying selection. Phylogenetic analysis shows that Gossypium sequences
closely cluster with a lineage of plant endogenous retroviruses that have an env-like gene. These results provide
evidence for the antiquity and the wide diversity of env-like sequences in the Gossypium genome.

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.: 2009 :: Barry Marler :: Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory :: University of Georgia