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TitleHigh-Density Linkage Mapping Revealed Suppression of Recombination at the Sex Determination Locus in Papaya
AuthorsHao Ma, Paul H. Moore, Zhiyong Liu, Minna S. Kim, Qingyi Yu, Maureen M. M. Fitch, Terry Sekioka, Andrew H. Paterson and Ray Ming
PublicationGenetics 166: 419-436
AbstractA high-density genetic map of papaya (Carica papaya L.) was constructed using 54 F2 plants derived from cultivars Kapoho and SunUp with 1501 markers, including 1498 amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers, the papaya ringspot virus coat protein marker, morphological sex type, and fruit flesh color. These markers were mapped into 12 linkage groups at a LOD score of 5.0 and recombination frequency of 0.25. The 12 major linkage groups covered a total length of 3294.2 cM, with an average distance of 2.2 cM between adjacent markers. This map revealed severe suppression of recombination around the sex determination locus with a total of 225 markers cosegregating with sex types. The cytosine bases were highly methylated in this region on the basis of the distribution of methylation-sensitive and -insensitive markers. This high-density genetic map is essential for cloning of specific genes of interest such as the sex determination gene and for the integration of genetic and physical maps of papaya.

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