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TitleGrains of knowledge: Genomics of model cereals
AuthorsAndrew H. Paterson, Michael Freeling, and Takuji Sasaki
PublicationGenome Research 15:1643-1650
AbstractThe economic and scientific importance of the cereals has motivated a rich history of research into their genetics,
development, and evolution. The nearly completed sequence of the rice genome is emblematic of a transition to
high-throughput genomics and computational biology that has also pervaded study of many other cereals. The
relatively close (ca. <50 million years old) relationships among morphologically diverse cereals native to
environments that sample much of global geographic diversity make the cereals particularly attractive for
comparative studies of plant genome evolution. Extensive germplasm resources, largely a byproduct of their
economic importance, together with growing collections of defined mutants, provide foundations for a host of
post-genomic studies to shed more light on the relationship between sequence and function in this important group.
Using the rapidly growing capabilities of several informatics resources, genomic data from model cereals are likely to
be leveraged tremendously in the study and improvement of a wide range of crop plants that sustain much of the

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