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TitleFunctional dissection of drought-responsive gene expression
patterns in Cynodon dactylon L.
AuthorsChangsoo Kim, Cornelia Lemke, Andrew H. Paterson
PublicationPlant Mol Biol (2009) 70:1-16
AbstractWater deficit is one of the main abiotic factors
that affect plant productivity in subtropical regions. To
identify genes induced during the water stress response in
Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon), cDNA macroarrays
were used. The macroarray analysis identified 189 droughtresponsive
candidate genes from C. dactylon, of which 120
were up-regulated and 69 were down-regulated. The candidate
genes were classified into seven groups by cluster
analysis of expression levels across two intensities and
three durations of imposed stress. Annotation using
BLASTX suggested that up-regulated genes may be
involved in proline biosynthesis, signal transduction pathways,
protein repair systems, and removal of toxins, while
down-regulated genes were mostly related to basic plant
metabolism such as photosynthesis and glycolysis. The
functional classification of gene ontology (GO) was consistent
with the BLASTX results, also suggesting some
crosstalk between abiotic and biotic stress. Comparative
analysis of cis-regulatory elements from the candidate
genes implicated specific elements in drought response in
Bermudagrass. Although only a subset of genes was studied,
Bermudagrass shared many drought-responsive genes
and cis-regulatory elements with other botanical models,
supporting a strategy of cross-taxon application of droughtresponsive
genes, regulatory cues, and physiologicalgenetic

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