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TitleEfficient capture of unique sequences from eukaryotic genomes
AuthorsDaniel G. Peterson, Susan R. Wessler and Andrew H. Paterson
PublicationTrends Genet 18: 547-550
AbstractCot-based cloning and sequencing (CBCS), a synthesis of Cot analysis, DNA cloning and high-throughput sequencing, promises to accelerate the study of eukaryotic genomes. In particular, CBCS will (1) permit efficient gene discovery in species with substantial quantities of repetitive DNA, (2) allow the sequence complexity (i.e. all the unique sequence information) of large genomes to be elucidated at a fraction of the cost of shotgun sequencing, and (3) enhance genome sequencing efforts by facilitating capture of low-copy sequences not secured by EST sequencing. CBCS should accelerate comparative genomics research, especially in large genomes such as those of many crops.

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