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TitleConstruction of plant bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries: An illustrated guide
AuthorsPeterson DG, Tomkins JP, Frisch DA, Wing RA, Paterson AH
PublicationJ Agric Genomics 5
AbstractBacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries have become invaluable tools in plant genetic research. However, it is difficult for new practitioners to create plant BAC libraries de novo because published protocols are not particularly detailed, and plant cells possess features that make isolation of clean, high molecular weight DNA troublesome. In this document we present an illustrated, step-by-step protocol for constructing plant BAC libraries. This protocol is sufficiently detailed to be of use to both new and experienced investigators. We hope that by reducing the obstacles to BAC cloning in plants, we will foster new and accelerated progress in plant genomics.

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.: 2009 :: Barry Marler :: Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory :: University of Georgia