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TitleComparative mapping of quantitative trait loci sculpting the curd of Brassica oleracea
Authors Lan, T. H.; Paterson, A. H.
PublicationGenetics 155(4): 1927-1954
AbstractThe enlarged inflorescence (curd) of cauliflower and broccoli provide not only a popular vegetable for human consumption, but also a unique opportunity fur scientists who seek to understand the genetic basis of plant growth and development. By the comparison of quantitative trait loci (QTL) maps constructed from three different F-2 populations, we identified a total of 86 QTL that control eight curd-related traits in Braasica oleracea. The 86 QTL ma) reflect allelic variation in as few as 67 different genetic loci and 54 ancestral genes. Although the locations of QTL affecting a trait occasionally corresponded between different populations or between different homeologous Brassica chromosomes, our data supported other molecular and morphological data in suggesting that the Brassica genus is rapidly evolving. Comparative data enabled us to identify a number of candidate genes from Arabidopsis that warrant further investigation to determine if some of them might account fur Brassica QTL. The Arabidopsis/Brassica system is an important example of both the challenges and opportunities associated with extrapolation of genomic information from facile models to large-genome taxa including major crops.

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.: 2009 :: Barry Marler :: Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory :: University of Georgia