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TitleComparative genome analysis of monocots and dicots, toward characterization of angiosperm diversity
AuthorsAndrew H Paterson, , John E Bowers, Brad A Chapman, Daniel G Peterson, Junkang Rong and Thomas M Wicker
PublicationCur Opin Biotech 15: 120-125
AbstractThe importance of angiosperms to sustaining humanity by providing a wide range of ecosystem services warrants increased exploration of their genomic diversity. The nearly completed sequences for two species representing the major angiosperm subclasses, specifically the dicot Arabidopsis thaliana and the monocot Oryza sativa, provide a foundation for comparative analysis across the angiosperms. The angiosperms also exemplify some challenges to be faced as genomics makes new inroads into describing biotic diversity, in particular polyploidy (genome-wide chromatin duplication), and much larger genome sizes than have been studied to date.

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.: 2009 :: Barry Marler :: Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory :: University of Georgia