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TitleChromosomal location and gene paucity of the male speciWc region on papaya Y chromosome
AuthorsQingyi Yu, Shaobin Hou, Roman Hobza, F. Alex Feltus, Xiue Wang, Weiwei Jin, Rachel L. Skelton, Andrea Blas, Cornelia Lemke, Jimmy H. Saw, Paul H. Moore, Maqsudul Alam, Jiming Jiang, Andrew H. Paterson, Boris Vyskot, Ray Ming
PublicationMol Genet Genomics (2007) 278:177
AbstractSex chromosomes in Xowering plants evolved recently and many of them remain homomorphic, including those in papaya. We investigated the chromosomal location of papaya's small male speciWc region of the hermaphrodite Y (Yh) chromosome (MSY) and its genomic features. We conducted chromosome Xuorescence in situ hybridization mapping of Yh-speciWc bacterial artiWcial chromosomes (BACs) and placed the MSY near the centromere of the papaya Y chromosome. Then we sequenced Wve MSY BACs to examine the genomic features of this specialized region, which resulted in the largest collection of contiguous genomic DNA sequences of a Y chromosome in Xowering plants. Extreme gene paucity was observed in the papaya MSY with no functional gene identiWed in 715 kb MSY sequences. A high density of retroelements and local sequence duplications were detected in the MSY that is suppressed for recombination. Location of the papaya MSY near the centromere might have provided recombination suppression and fostered paucity of genes in the male speciWc region of the Y chromosome. Our Wndings provide critical information for deciphering the sex chromosomes in papaya and reference information for comparative studies of other sex chromosomes in animals and plants.

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