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TitleAn EST survey of the sugarcane transcriptome
AuthorsH.-M. Ma
PublicationTheor Appl Genet 108:851-863
Publisher_noteThe original publication is avail
AbstractIts large genome and high polyploidy makes sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) a singularly challenging crop to study and improve using genetic approaches. To provide large numbers of functionally characterized candidate genes that might be tested for direct association (rather than distant linkage) with economically important traits, we sequenced the 50 ends of 9,216 clones from three cDNA libraries (apex, leaf and mature internode), representing 3,401 non-redundant sequences. About 57% of these sequences could be assigned a tentative function based on statistically significant similarity to previously characterized proteins or DNA sequences. Another 28% corresponded to previously identified, but uncharacterized, sequences. Some of the remaining unidentified sequences were predicted to be genes which could potentially be new to plants or unique to sugarcane. Comparisons of the sugarcane ESTs to a large sorghum EST database revealed similar compositions of expressed genes between some different tissues. Comparison to a detailed Arabidopsis protein database showed some highly conserved sequences, which might be useful DNA markers for pan-angiosperm comparative mapping. These EST sequences provide a foundation for many new studies to accelerate isolation of agronomically important genes from the cumbersome sugarcane genome.

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