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TitleA primitive Y chromosome in papaya marks incipient sex chromosome evolution
AuthorsZhiyong Liu, Paul H. Moore, Hao Ma, Christine M. Ackerman, Makandar Ragiba, Qingyi Yu, Heather M. Pearl, Minna S. Kim, Joseph W. Charlton, John I. Stiles, Francis T. Zee, Andrew H. Paterson & Ray Ming
PublicationNature 427: 348-352
AbstractMany diverse systems for sex determination have evolved in
plants and animals. One involves physically distinct (heteromorphic)
sex chromosomes (X and Y, or Z and W) that are
homozygous in one sex (usually female) and heterozygous in the
other (usually male). Sex chromosome evolution is thought to
involve suppression of recombination around the sex determination
genes, rendering permanently heterozygous a chromosomal
region that may then accumulate deleterious recessive
mutations by Muller

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