Health benefits:

anti-cancer compounds (mushroom, Brassica, soybean)
cholesterol (examples)
diabetes (examples)
heart disease (oils)
others ('golden rice')

Environmental stewardship:

intrinsic genetic improvements of crops to use less water, reduce
erosion by adaptation to altered production systems, slow the
emergence of ‘super-pests’

Career opportunities:

provide professionals with the training needed to realize the benefits
of these resources, while preserving the links of these individuals to rural
communities that have long been the victims of “brain drain”

New domestic industries:

empower agriculturalists to utilize production capabilities to meet existing
demands in new ways by producing rare compounds (trehalose, others?),
alternative fuels (biofuels, kenaf)


enhance the level and quality of science possible in Georgia’s leading crops,
toward the long-term viability and sustainability of Georgia agriculture