We are contributing to development and implementation of research-based educational materials to improve achievement, comprehension and mastery of scientific concepts by middle and high school students through training of one teacher per year in the 'GIFT' (Georgia Internships for Teachers) program, building the nucleus for a "teachers teach teachers" program. In the summer of 2009, Ms. Shari Travers, a 7th grade science teacher with the Oconee County (GA) Middle School, spent 7 weeks with us. Shari participated in a wide range of our research activities with energy and enthusiasm, ultimately co-conceiving (with Dr Paterson) and creating (with feedback from the lab generally) curriculum entitled "Indiana Jones and the Lost Urn of Brassica." In this curriculum, students are provided with a mixed sample of Brassica seeds (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, rapid-cycling Brassica, all of which have very similar seeds so it is not obvious at inception that they are different) that they grow, extract DNA from, and do PCR and associated electrophoresis using a few pre-selected SSR primers known to detect differences among the genotypes. As the plants mature, students will be able to relate DNA-level differences to phenotypic differences. The curriculum is currently in progress in Oconee County (GA) Middle School.